March 16, 2012

Building Information Modeling (BIM)'s Place in Construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is dramatically changing the way commercial and industrial design and construction is managed and how project teams interact. It involves the creation and use of intelligent, information-rich, 3D models throughout the lifecycle of a building, from design and engineering to construction and facilities management. Ideally, these models are shared and leveraged by all stakeholders to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of design and construction processes.

We strive to use BIM and related technologies wherever possible to improve the construction process from preconstruction through completion. The use of appropriate BIM tools can promote more accurate construction, more efficient processes, and tighter budgets. It can dramatically improve coordination, communication, and cost control as well as improve quality and the overall construction experience.

The challenge with BIM technologies is knowing when and where to use them.



March 7, 2012

Project Superintendent Alan Lewis talks with a care provider just outside the construction zone on Fletcher Allen Health Care’s Baird 4 Med/Surg floor. The project is moving forward on schedule with great interaction between the…