Construction Services

PC Construction is large enough to offer the range of services needed, but small enough to deliver projects with personal attention to our clients’ quality standards, schedules, and budgets. Our skilled teams take pride in guiding a project from conception to successful completion. PC Construction partners with clients from the very beginning to listen to their needs and develop a clear and shared vision for a project. Then we collaborate with talented architects, engineers, and subcontractors to bring that vision to life. This interactive approach ensures quality workmanship and attention to detail every step of the way and a finished structure you can be proud of.

General Contracting

As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients. We value our role in the success of your project, and take all the steps needed to ensure the end product is one that meets your needs and makes us proud. As your general contractor, we provide all materials, labor, equipment and services; subcontract with trade and specialty contractors; assist with building permits; monitor schedule and cash flow; and ensure a safe and secure project site.

Construction Management

Our construction management philosophy focuses on developing an interactive, inclusive working relationship among the client, the design firms, and the construction team. We begin the management process immediately upon award and remain your partner until the project is complete, the building or water/wastewater treatment facility is fully operational and all members of the team are satisfied.

We provide construction management services in two phases: preconstruction and construction. Meaningful preconstruction services bring value, potential cost savings, and informed decision-making to the client while eliminating surprises to provide you with a predictable outcome. During the value analysis process we think outside the box to achieve your goals with your budget and project needs in mind. Early involvement of the construction team benefits every aspect of the project. During the preconstruction phase, we provide planning and scheduling, estimating, value engineering and constructability reviews, purchase long-lead items, develop and monitor the budget, and prequalify subcontractors. During the construction phase, we buy all required material, subcontractor services, build your facility, and ensure your facility is fully operational. The success of this approach relies on the continuity of the team from preconstruction through construction.


Trust is the underlying pillar for design-build projects. When trust is developed and fostered between the owner, contractor, and engineer, a remarkable synergy is developed which translates to successful projects and satisfied clients.

More and more clients are selecting the design-build process for their capital projects, turning the tables on low-cost contractor selection in favor of the best value, history of engineer and contractor relations, and the team’s ability to function collaboratively. Embracing the design-build philosophy has proven to increase opportunities for innovation while providing the potential to shorten the overall project schedule — a win-win situation for all members of the team.

Our expertise with successful design-build projects dates back nearly 30 years and we are pleased to have been a partner on over $1 billion worth of design-build work, from a small fire station in New England to a $200 million treatment plant in the southeast.

Preconstruction & Planning

Our project teams work diligently with clients and design teams to analyze program and design alternatives and propose suggestions that provide value and reduce cost without compromising the aesthetics of your project.

Meaningful preconstruction services bring value, potential cost savings, and informed decision-making while eliminating surprises to provide you with a predictable outcome.

For each value analysis suggestion, we prepare a comparative value study that includes an assessment of cost and schedule impacts. We offer a comprehensive breakdown of alternatives that weigh the cost implications and take into consideration the operational costs, product durability, and ease of operation for each suggestion.

Special Projects

We realize that not every project fits neatly into a construction service category. Our special projects group works with clients on special construction projects of all types under $5 million to suit their unique requirements.

We created a Special Projects Group in 2001 specifically to respond to unique construction challenges that might not be ideal for traditional large construction management companies. This specialized group offers the vast construction experience, purchasing power, and financial backing of PC Construction while focusing on projects from $5 thousand to $5 million in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and North Carolina. Their approach to projects is that of a small, dedicated builder and is supported by a core team of carpenters, equipment operators, concrete finishers, riggers, and mechanical pipefitters — many of whom have over 20 years of employment history with the company.

In addition to PC Construction’s primary markets, our Special Projects team services many other types of specialized construction projects, including hydroelectric facility maintenance, CHP systems, utility maintenance and emergency response expertise. We have the experience, capability and people to perform work in nearly any division of work and under any contract structure. Email us about your project or to inquire about our Special Projects services.


Regardless of the delivery method, PC can bring a strong self-performance aspect to directly control field work and optimize budget, schedule, quality, safety and communication. In the past five years, our teams have excavated over 3 million cubic yards of material, set over 9.5 million square feet of formwork, placed over 500,000 cubic yards of concrete and installed over 450,000 feet of piping. Our ability to self-perform critical trades delivers greater value to the project because we understand your processes, control cost and successfully manage all components of project delivery. You can rest easy when PC Construction’s boots are on the ground.